The Polling Project

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The Polling Project

A big data solution to the polling problem.

Project Brief

Creating a platform bringing the polling industry into the twenty-first century. Responsible for front-end development and data visualization components of platform. Technologies used include: React, Styled Components, Git, D3.js, Python visualization libraries, Adobe XD for mock ups and simple prototyping.

Project Scope

Role: Co-founder, Front-End Developer, Product Design/Prototyping, Data Visualization

Project type: Consumer Web Application

Platform: Web App

Project Length: Ongoing

Deliverables: Market Research, C&C Analysis, Usability Testing, Sketches, Wireframes, High Fidelity Prototype, Full Development Process

Tools: Pen & Paper, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, HTML5/CSS3, React, Git, Styled Components, React Router, Python Visualization Libraries, D3.js.

Video Demo

Demo of the mock up/prototype I created full walk-through.

Check out the development process for this project on my github here!