Spotify Pitchdeck

Spotify Strategy Pitch Deck for Product Expansion

I made a short pitch deck in 2016 with some ideas for Spotify to incorporate into their ecosystem of products. I believe that the connection between sport and music is something that is not being tapped into enough by streaming services and they could deeply benefit by providing more content that emphasizes said connection. Since the 2018 World Cup in Russia is right around the corner, implementing a sports related campaign during this global phenomenon could greatly increase global reach and expansion and having a new line of service on their existing platform would drastically increase retention time for users all across the globe. Another idea I bring forth is incorporating VR content into the Spotify product line. Since Spotify and Sony PlayStation already have an existing relationship, incorporating music related VR content for fans across the globe through Spotify and the PSVR could bring forth new opportunities for revenue and give fans globally the opportunity to watch their favorite artists' live shows and much more that they may not have the opportunity to see live for a fraction of the cost over time.