What's good,

My name is Drew Osherow. I'm a full time undergraduate student at The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA currently working towards my degree in Business Administration with a minor in Mobile Application Development. Originally from Austin, TX, I've been going to live music shows for as long as I can remember. I'm currently working at Warner Bros. Entertainment in Burbank, CA as a Digital Initiatives Intern as of Summer 2017. Long-term goals and interests lie in emerging technologies within entertainment, music especially, content production & product management, user experience for enterprise applications, contributing to the growth and application of big data analytics in the entertainment world, and new and improved distribution methods for music/content consumption for artists through disruptive technologies such as blockchain and decentralized platforms. 

I originally made this website to showcase some of the photographs I've had the opportunity of taking for artists such as Travis Scott, Future, J. Cole, G-Eazy, Bryson Tiller, Earl Sweatshirt, Rae Sremmurd, and many more. 

Moving forward, I will continue to upload photos I take of places, faces, and much more. Aside from my photography hobby, I have begun to showcase ideas and prototypes of applications/platforms I've created and designed from scratch that I believe could have an extremely positive impact on multiple industries. If you would like a demo of any of the platforms on my site please reach me at the email below. 

Thanks for visiting my site, the video on my home page is a compilation of clips I have recorded over the years and features artists (in order of appearance) such as Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, Sango, GoldLink, Tinashe, J. Cole, Mura Masa, Kanye West, Majid Jordan, Banks, and my biggest fan my mom! You can check out the video (with audio) HERE, the audio is from Frank Ocean's performance at FYF Fest in Los Angeles which is without a doubt the most amazing live vocals I've heard in my life. The track is an extended version of his song "Good Guy". 


I can be reached at dosherow@usc.edu